Did Someone Say Logos?

At Tamlyn Design we know the importance of logos. We capture the essence of your brand in letters and art. From logos to social media branding to tag lines and slogans! We do branding that hits the mark! Let us help you build your brand and identity with custom work that sets you apart from your competitors!

To purchase your logo you may pay the full amount or pay the deposit, which is 50% of the total. You will receive your logo files in jpg and png format. Additional formats are available upon request. Turnaround time is 5 business days.

Eye-catching Logo Design $200.00

Eye-catching Logo Design Deposit $100.00

We Do Social Media Branding and Banners…

With almost three billion active social media users what is your branding saying to them?

Looking to take your company to the next level with social media branding? Tamlyn Design will design and execute your social media identity for every social media platform, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or Google+ pages with banners and graphics.

In most cases, your Facebook page is a new customer’s first impression of your business. Are you satisfied with the way your page looks?

This is your chance to make it better! To WOW them! To capture their attention!

Order yours Now for just $50!

Make your payment to get started and you will be redirected to schedule your design consultation.

We Do Business Name Creation, Slogan and

Tagline Generation…

Business Name Creation

Coming up with the perfect name is the SINGLE most important step to starting any business effort off on the right foot.

As your name gets out there and your company grows, so much of your sales and future growth come from having a truly kick-ass name. A good name (and matching domain) lets anyone who hears it know a TON about your business. Your name tells people about your values,the quality of your product or service, and whether or not you are a big established company (and it’s almost always better to sound more established). 

Sounds overwhelming? Let Tamlyn Design help. 

AquaGlide Slides (Water slide rental company)

Fab Frosting (Jewelry and accessories company)

Godly Girls (Social Club for women with a heart for God)

Global Rebuild (Export Building Products Company)

Head Over Heels Matchmaking (Personal match making service)

MatchMaker Genie (Matching services for professional matchmakers)

Tamlyn Design (You know the company. The name has personal reasons behind it)

Slogan and Tagline Generation

Need a tag line or slogan? At Tamlyn we are the best at catch phrases and simple branding that leave an impression. Here are a few examples:

Simplee the Best… Simplee Clean

Be Fabulous! Get Frosted!!

Get Ready to Fall… Head Over Heels!

Every lady deserves to be Bella.

Handbags and accessories that dazzle.

We have staffing and recruiting down to a science.

Solving the puzzle of post-secondary education counseling.

Destination: Happiness

A safe place for new beginnings.